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Title : Life on Mars by Mouza Khalifa Al Mazrouei

Purpose : Sharing a vision on how can humans live on Mars

Material : clay , foam , board , trees , bottles

Procedure : Building a house under the Mars surface where a human being can live and above the surface there will be gardens, I will bring two large styrofoam and stick them together then I will cut a hole in the middle of it and I will bring gray clay and put it in the hole to support it and give it a background then I will a foam board and cut in and I will do the rooms and walls and I will put characters and I will design it from the inside then I will be finished from the underground for the to I will do solar panels with foam board and I will color the blue and place them on the surface then I will bring brown clay and I will do the surface and mountain with it then I will bring a foam board and cut hexagon shapes with it and build a room above the surface then I will bring water bottles and cut them in half and put plants on the surface and then the water bottle on top of it then it will be a garden above the surface.

Life on Mars

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